Gars Telecom consolidated revenues in the first half of the year was 189’563’964 rubles. This rate is 62 per cent higher than 116’694’001 rubles in the last year same period.

For the 6 months of the current year Gars Telecom has updated product range with the original solutions which are oriented on the corporate market, — wireless video-monitoring service Dozor, Videophone service and also innovation wireless broadband mobile secured access service “3G Office”.

By the 1H results company for the sequent time proved status of the one out of the ternary professional telecom-companies for the commercial real estate market. Gars Telecom consultants are traditionally among Estimating Committees of the core Russian commercial real estates awards (follows alphabetically) — Building Awards, Commercial Real Estate Awards, Professional Media Awards.

Gars Telecom Company successfully began regional expansion when representative office in Sain-Petersburg was opened. Next destination is Rostov-on-Don.

Revenues dynamics proves efficiency of the “Maximum overdrive strategy” that was accepted in the beginning of the year. Continue working in accordance with the determined plan, Gars Telecom forecasts 14 MUSD revenues that will allow reaching physiologically important point of the 30 MUSD capitalizations.