It is always difficult to move against the tide, especially if this tide is an established market with its trends, rules and foundations. The majority choose to follow the steamlined path, where everything has already been acquainted by other companies, where there are examples of how to act in one situation or another and what strategy is best to adhere to.

However, there are also those who are not afraid to see familiar things in a new light. Those who look at the industry from a new angle, and are ready to become a pioneer, who are not afraid to learn from their own mistakes, but to give consumers an alternative to the usual methods and schemes.

Thus, the insurance company “Nezavisimost” has decided to take a bold step and create a whole new niche in the industry. Launching an online project “Important. New insurance”, the insurer opted out of offices and announced the implementation of sales through the company website and the settlement of losses by e-mail.

According to the insurance company itself, it employs not only good specialists, but, above all, real people who understand the importance of getting the high-quality and required service. And they try to do everything possible to be close to their customers in any part of the world and at any time.

The Group of companies Gars Telecom adhered to this position from the very beginning of its practices. Yet while creating the telecom company, the executive group decided not to merge with the mass of such niche operators, but to break stereotypes, emphasizing that the telecom is not the amount of kilometers of wires and the number capacity, but a help to a business in the implementation of its needs and custom requests. We are used to communicate with people and to live up their expectations, no matter how complicated their requirements are. And also to anticipate their needs, creating new packages and services to help solve many problems.

The company “Nezavisimost” undertook a complicated project, but so more is interesting its implementation, and Gars Telecom is ready to provide it with all the necessary telecom support.