Gulfstream business places trivial mean of a “security company” at a new level of perception.

Gulfstream security systems anticipate thieveries and busts, fires and water escape; monitor electricity voltage in housing units and commercial premises; provide security costs optimization for the corporate sector and complex of forces concerning personal safety.

Gulfstream possesses the most impressive monitoring station among security firms; own transport park, including cars, motorcycles and a helicopter; and facilities of Extradepartmental Protection Directorate at Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow and Moscow Region and private security firms as well, which are bound with Gulfstream with partner relations.

Three principles underlie the company’s business — 24-hour defense, immediate reaction, warranty and service. The same principles will guide Gars Telecom while monitoring the company’s telecom-processes.

We congratulate Gulfstream with 15th anniversary and wish it to keep further increasing of private and commercial estate habitants’ comfort and safety.