Georgsmarienhütte GmbH was founded in 1993. For the next years other metallurgic companies of Germany, Austria and Belgium have been joining it, thus forming one of the world largest holdings at steel, iron and aluminum manufacturing and processing, and equipment production from these metals as well, and certain services providing for transport, energy and mechanical engineering industries.

Besides raw materials and techniques Georgsmarienhütte Group offers its clients its experience, innovative solutions and professionalism of more than 9,5 thousands employees of 49 companies on 4 continents. Today Georgsmarienhütte’s production sites can be also met in USA, Brazil, Australia. Its offices are opened in China, Japan and in our country.

Having connected Russian representative office of the Group to its optic network, Gars Telecom will show Georgsmarienhütte how “the glass” can add reliability to “iron”.