Troika dialog — is an investment company, financial consultant and one of national stock market founders.

Under the company’s professional competence trade operations with capital issues, investment banking, asset management, alternative investments, and personal investments and finance lie.

The core of business model is formed by three essential items: trust, respect, and revenue. In 1991 Troika Dialog chose the only acceptable for a company and very familiar to Gars Telecom philosophy development trend — to be unlike anyone else, to foresee and forestall the future, to develop and transform market.

The company’s biggest share belongs to its managers and personnel, that enables Troika not to neglect its own principles and to be more mobile in decision making in favor of the Clients.

Summer 2010 was marked with the start of companies collaboration — Gars Telecom invests its experience and potential in Troika Dialog as telecom-consultant and supplier of complex of telecom-services.