Capital subscribers will have not been necessary since 2011 press “8” while the call from the code zone “499” to “495” and visa versa as it is necessary nowadays.

It will be possible in 2011 year by the reason of implementation in MGTS network IMS /IP multimedia subsystem which unify protocols of commutation in the company network owing to the IP-protocol using. In the current time the necessity of the “8” bottom pressing before the subscribers number from the one code zone to another determines by the simultaneous use in MGTS network analog and digital commutations systems.

Besides, in the result of the digital technologies implementation by 2011 year the all telephones connected to the “conjoined” scheme will be disjoined. In total before the disjointed program in Moscow there have been 220 thousand telephones. Today disjointed 20 thousand telephones, and till the 2008 end in the normal mode will be 60 thousand.