Gars Telecom exceptional client has become the Company with the long uninterrupted insurance history in the world — “Aviva” — the Company whose experience and reliability has trusted the generations.

The name “Aviva” symbolizes the life energy. Nowadays this name unites more than 40 companies that work in many countries and serve more than 35 million clients.

“Aviva” history counted more than 300 years has begun in 1696 in London. In Russian the Company has run the business in 1856 till today. Nowadays, since 2005 “Aviva” has been offered the best solutions for individuals, companies, and banks.

The Company offers insurance solutions uniting several centuries experience in the life insurance and retirement benefits and the foremost technologies of the “Aviva” group that allow with the confidence looking forward and realizing ourselves totally.

The co-operation with the oldest insurance company in the world with Gars Telecom from the one hand is the challenge of the quality and services level; but from the other — we specialize on the work with Exceptional clients out of enterprises. It means that in Gars Telecom are sure in our powers and the clients’ future.