Gars Telecom has obtained client represented by “Sunbury Heights” who has 12 years experience in providing commercial interior project management across Europe.

“Sunbury Heights” works from idea to occupancy with clients, among which are companies mentioned in “Fortune 500” rating, placed in Great Britain, Russia, the Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. Among last “Sunbury Heights” works is a project by estimate and value control of the Moscow City transport terminal which is the largest project of the Moscow infrastructure in 2007 year with 200 MUSD total investments.

Aiming to raise standards of the rendering services in the segment “Sunbury Heights” launched in March, 2007 Gold Standard Program to reward design and construction companies for consistent excellence of work.

Beginning from the office space finding and furthermore on the all stages of the project realization, “Sunbury Heights” chooses with great deliberation partners, contractors, equipment manufacturers and addition services providers. The own office space organization is indeed the one out of necessary aspects for the successful business that is why “Sunbury Heights” paid especial attention to the telecommunications carrier. Selected Gars Telecom services, “Sunbury Heights” entirely proved its professionalism and served reputation.