Gars Telecom Company has finished the first part of the “New quality standards” program that has began in the end of this year October.

This program aimed to perfect service level has been accomplished within the bounds of the Company reforming that was accepted in the beginning of the 2007 year. Therefore, an approach to the clients’ service and services quality control was changed entirely. The services rendering process has been structured, Service Department has been created that unites Help Desk, after sale and service managers and also Service Director position has been opened in the Company.

Nowadays Service Department by the reaction speed on the clients’ requests definitely leads among the capital telecom-carriers, and know-how of the Company — EoS (Engineer ON-Site) allows on time decide fail-safety services rendering problems. Besides, several drawbacks in the security systems of the corporate networks were founded and to eliminate bugs special protection recommendations were offered for the clients.

Therefore, “New quality standards” program is the one out of unique Gars Telecom advantages that allows bringing the new services quality standards to the telecom-market for the corporate clients.