Founded in Great Britain in 1888, Dunlop is famous not only as the oldest tire manufacturing company, but also as an originator of the industry’s standards.

The company confirms its status of the market leader and one of the main pioneers time and again. The world first tire testing laboratory appeared at the Dunlop’s plant. The company’s technologists were the first ones who fabricated waterproof rubber mix, suggested separating the tire protector to several rows and using rubber and steal-studded tires, and also patented auto decks that enabled to continue moving even in the case of puncture. All of these inventions sufficiently reflected on the wear-resisting of the tires and the quality of road-holding, which in their turn stand as the traffic safety key factor.

Dunlop Tires achieved place of honor for the development of racing sport. More than 80 times they helped the racers to become the Winners of the Formula-1 and led to the victory stand the participants of the other competitions.

Like Gars Telecom, Dunlop doesn’t rest on its laurels: it provides more and more solutions and improves technologies to increase its client’s safety. We are sure that the unity of views will become the firm basis of our long-term partnership.