The CEO of Gars Telecom Pavel Gorenkov took part in a weekly television show "The chief on the internet" on TV channel “PRO Business”.

The anchormen Dmitry Marinichev and German Klimenko did’t touch base of the crisis theme, and decided just to study out the intricacies of corporate telecom. The Gars Telecom business is built on providing services precisely to the corporate sector, which makes certain impact on its principles, strategy and portfolio of services. As noted Pavel Gorenkov, the very core of providing services to corporate clients lies in the achievement of mutual benefits for both effecters. "We always personally communicate with our customers and partners, because only this form of feedback can bring the desired result. We train our employees that the negotiations should be conducted until it becomes obvious that there are benefits of the contract. The deal won’t be successful and long-lasting, if the customer is not satisfied in some sort of things”. That is why the service portfolio of the company is so vast – for business not only internet is important, but also the data-transmission circuits, the telephony, corporate communications, convergence of fixed and mobile communications, placement in data centers and circuits to them, corporate networks, etc. We are being the operator, which gives its customers the connectivity.

Particular attention of the CEO was paid to the formulation of the “telecom-tailor”. He explained that every customer – is just as a portentous gentleman who needs to make a suit exactly "to the measure". After all, only considering the individual characteristics of the figure, you can tailor a suit that will sit "up to the knocker". So the same is with the Telecom – every company requires an individual approach, its own set of services, suitable for specific tasks.

The anchormen of the program "The chief on the internet" asked their guest to share his observations about the current trends in the industry. According to the conventional statistics observed in the market, companies are now trying to provide additional security and uninterrupted operation of service by leasing racks in data centers and organizing dedicated channels to the data center. Also, there appeared a tendency to have your own servers.

In conclusion, the CEO of Gars Telecom noted that it is stupid to claim about leadership in all areas of the industry, and if a company says so, then most likely it is disingenuous. The secret of success is to be an absolute professional and a leader in its own field. And the company Gars Telecom tries to keep the position and remain to be in the fairway of the corporate sector of telecom services.

You can watch the full interview here