In any treatment there are three main components: a correct diagnosis, a competent treatment plan and... doctor’s personal involvement in the patient’s recovery.

In the Center for weight loss ”Dr. Bormental”, clinic for weight loss №1 in Russia they treat the overweight not as a factor that hampers the aesthetic perception of a person's appearance, but as a disease, a needless element that can hinder a long and eventful life. All the specialists of the clinic are professionals, but it is not a mechanical work for them – they do really care how their patients live, what will happen to their health and what opportunities will be opened in front of them. They share their worries and enjoy their successes. In addition, they understand that there is no pantobase diet menu, so for each person they select an individual weight loss program. Thus, in the clinic they effectively combine proper nutrition and psychology.

We, the specialists in telecom industry, we can’t but agree with the postulates of the medical center “Dr. Bormental” because adhere to the same principles. As each patient needs its own treatment card – every business needs a personal development strategy, and hence the individual set of telecom services. We do care what will happen to your business in the future. After all, telecom services should not just work, but help the development of companies and be a helping hand in solving the arising tasks.

So, the slimming center “Dr. Bormental” cares about that its patients could get help in any of its dozens of clinics throughout Russia and the CIS countries – and Gars Telecom will make sure that the level of services allows all the necessary communications between each of them.