The Ministry for Mass Communications transfers the dead line for the “00” and “0” prefixes using on 2010 year. Earlier the official order of Mininformsvyazi arranged the implementing of such prefixes for intercity and long distance communications in 2008, and for the 2009 the transfer to use the closed ten-numbered numeration.

The transfer for the new numeration the Department plans to carry out according the readiness of the traditional operators’ networks. At the same time in the 2009 year beginning the majority of operators is not ready to transfer to work in the new conditions — it is technologically hard process to integrate ten numbers on the analog networks.

So the MGTS digitalization level is 64% and according to the Company speakers they plan to finish the modernization till 2011. “Svyazinvest” planed till the 2008 year end to upgrade approximately 75% of the channels of the interregional companies of the holding.

Gars Telecom digital integrated network from the very beginning was realized on the modern equipment and is ready to work within the bounds of the new conditions.