Any financial institution, whether it is a bank or a fund, insurance, leasing or property management company, it carries the highest degree of responsibility because the largest corporate entities, legal entities and hundreds of individuals trust them the protection of their interests and material welfare. Therefore, ironic it may seem, but the main capital and value of these companies is the trust of customers.

JSC «Nordea Bank» is a part of the Nordea bank Group, one of the largest European banking groups headquartered in Stockholm. It works in Russia since 1994 and is among the 30 largest banks in terms of assets and capital. Among the customers of Nordea there are more than 5,000 companies and more than 60,000 individuals. The Bank has the highest rating on the Russian market, of the international rating agency Fitch Ratings and is called the safest bank of the Russian Federation in the rating compiled by Forbes. In addition, Nordea Bank is the winner in the category «People’s confidence Bank» of the National Banking Award 2014, which is held annually by the Association of Russian banks and is the best bank in the nomination «High quality customer service» by the end of 2013.

Today, the company’s reliability is provided not only by the size of assets, high ratings and participation in international associations, but also the level of partner companies which require from them to have the uncompromising quality. In terms of the organization of communications for several years the operator Gars Telecom is being such a partner, under the auspices of which are telecommunications in all offices of the company. Over the years of cooperation the provider has not only improved the quality of communication, which before the synergy with Gars Telecom had a negative impact on workflow patterns, but also upgraded the project of combining offices into a single network, having established the most harmonious scheme of interaction of divisions and centralization of systems.