What can refresh you more than ice-cream in summer? And what can be better than real Italian gelato?

Gelato - is Italian ice cream, cooked by hands. Gelato made with a base of milk, cream, and sugar, flavored with fruit, berries, chocolate, nuts  and other flavorings. Gelato consist of 7% milk fat and 15% oxygen, that`s why it has rich taste and more dense structure.

There is no doubt that the most delicious gelato is in Italy, which created by real Italian chiefs. However, we have opportunity to taste real gelato in many cities of Russia, thanks to the wonderful project «Piccolo» where masters cook gelato by hands with fresh products, carefully developing recipes and ingredients for the each cone.

«Gars Telecom» team would like to taste real Italian gelato. By the way, when our new Clients and friends from the project «Piccolo» joke: «Once you taste our gelato-you will never want another», we answer like «Once you taste our telecom services - you will never want another».