The Institute of Economic Strategies has released the rating of “The 50 most strategic telecommunication companies”. Rating has corrected the positions of the Russians assets in accordance with the measures that have been embarked by the operators to upgrade the development strategies in the new economic conditions.

Thus, in TOP10 of the most strategic telecommunications companies in 2009 are MTS (70,6 AAA), Vimpelcom (69,9 AAA), Megafon (69,4 ABA), Comstar (69,0 ABA), Rostelecom (68,8 ABB), Gars Telecom (68,0 BBA), MTT (67,9 BBA), Russian Satellite Communications Company (67,3 BBB), Huawei Technologies (66,8 BBB) and Corbina Telecom (66,2 ВВA). By the opinion of the Center of the ratings and certifications of The Institute of Economic Strategies, telecommunication sector is influenced by crisis less than the other fields.

In Gars Telecom concern that in the corporate clients sector, the economic laws rule firstly. That is why Gars Telecom Company was in the epicenter of the crisis in the last year autumn and felt the market collapse and the employment layoffs, which reached 80% in the financial sector.

The Gars Telecom Company reacted the market correction in the beginning of the previous year, cordially changing the strategy. As a result, only for the 1H 2009 we added to our network more than 60 offices objects and connected more than 400 clients.