India has traditionally been associated with centuries-old rich culture, the treasures of Golden Triangle, spices, cinematograph, yoga and ancient secrets of Ayurveda. However, in the modern world is not only a historical center of tourists attraction, but also one of the fastest growing economic systems in the world. During the years of an independent development India has made a long way and has received a worldwide recognition.

The company Gars Telecom is proud that from now on it may consider itself complicit in such a powerful force thanks to the cooperation with the “ICICI Bank Eurasia”, which is a subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited – the largest private bank in India and the second largest bank in the country in terms of consolidated assets, which amounted to 100 billion U.S. dollars.

In Russia, “ICICI Bank Eurasia” is in the 150 largest banks by assets, and since 2004 it is a member of the compulsory insurance system of individuals' deposits in banks of the Russian Federation.

The structure of subsidiaries of ICICI includes leading private insurance companies of India and also the largest brokerage firms, mutual funds and private equity company. ICICI Bank Limited is constantly developing and expanding its presence across the globe. At the moment, financial and credit institutions are already opened in 19 countries, and the company doesn’t intend to dwell on it.

However, the effectiveness of any enterprise depends on its interaction with its customers. If the communication is not established – no business will rise. The secret of success is to have a reliable intermediary, an operator, that will form the “Golden Triangle” of interaction with customers.

The company Gars Telecom is ready to become the third element, the link between ICICI Bank and its clients. The use of certified equipment and standardized technologies, the direct contacts with manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and software, as well as partnerships with other service providers allow Gars Telecom to afford full range of services in the field of telecommunications. The cooperation with the operator will provide the bank confidence in the quality of communication and allow expanding quickly in the territory of the Russian Federation.