According to the joke saying, “It’s the early bird that gets the worm”, so therefore more benefits and advantages receives the one who first took the initiative in its hands.

Thus, Sportcar-Center once became the first official dealer of Porsche in Russia, and for more than 12 years it represents the successful work with this brand of car. Today it is a network of dealers situated in three parts of Moscow: the car dealership on Kutuzovskaya, Porsche Center Altufievo and Porsche Center Novaya Riga and an authorized ultramodern service center Porsche. Sportcar-Center stands for the individual and painstaking attention to each Customer and Car and always strives to be not only a business partner, but also just a good friend, to inspire, delight and rejoice with the customers, discovering every day the stunning world of superspeed and new features.

The operating principles of Gars Telecom are very similar to its new partner. The basis of the philosophy of Gars Telecom composes the communication with the customer in the language of “business and needs” as well as the striving for the reliable partnership. The leadership and innovation has always marked the operator among the others and allowed its clients to be confident that they will get maximum opportunities to realize their business objectives. A foundation of the company consists of many years of experience, intellectual capacity and responsibility. Furthermore, Gars Telecom is not afraid of changes and prefers to form them on its own, creating new opportunities, new products, embodying the new technologies and services. After all, the one who is not afraid of initiative is not afraid of responsibility and so he can do more than the others!

The operator Gars Telecom hopes for fruitful and long-term partnership with the company Sportcar-Center and is ready to continue opening together the new opportunities and implement them.