Modern corporate client psychology is that the sharp border between mobile and fixed communications gradually vanishes. Client progressively perceive mobile terminal as a part of the corporate network and in such status he needs telephony. To realize such solution has become possible owing to the new carriers generation which is known as “virtual” (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). They cooperate with large carriers leasing networks and buying traffic developing for clients customized services range taking into account clients’ business specifics.

Discussion “Successful strategy development to enter the MVNO market in the CIS countries” was devoted the following question: How to organize properly the work of the virtual carrier either for corporate or mass market; and took place on 26th February within the bounds of “Telecoms World Russia & CIS 2008”. Among this session moderators were experts and pioneers of this kind of services such as E.Solomatin (Cominfo Consultig), A. Girev (SMARTS GSM), A.Chuikin (Euroset), P.Gorenkov (Gars Telecom), and N.Rudenko (Vympelcom).

Almost the all experts decided that nowadays MVNO as the independed business does not have perspectives in Russia. MVNO is an additional tool to realize new functions for business.