Mergers and acquisitions have always been not simple matters at all. From whatever side you look – psychological, legal, financial or technical. But there exist organizations that take upon themselves all the care of this hard work, that have acquisitions "at their finger tip."

Among them, an independent partnership Aquila Capital Group, whose main business lines are providing M&A services to Russian and foreign clients across various industries throughout Russia and the CIS countries, as well as assisting its clients in raising both debt and equity financing for various projects and transactions. Every year ACG is included in the league table of top investment banks on the Russian market, where it remains in the Top 3 of the best Russian investment banks in the overall rating of "M&A Journal".

Re-affirming its commitment to become the leading M&A advisor in Russia and the CIS, ACG has already acted as a financial advisor in more than 50 successfully completed transactions with total volume of over US$ 11.0 billion. And only the pursuit of excellence can ensure the company's growth and development of its employees, on which the organization pays special attention.

Aquila Capital Group aims to involve in the company primarily the most creative and dedicated professionals in the field of mergers and acquisitions, providing them with the most comfortable conditions of work, professional development and communication within the company. Because they know that only the strongest professionals can create the best company. Maintaining a comfortable working environment, providing a high level of remuneration of all employees, and motivating them to focus on achieving the best results the company requires from each of them a maximum impact in the work on the projects.

The management of Gars Telecom also understands that behind any brand there are people above all. And if we take as a basis the phrase "a sated worker is a good worker," then we would rather say "a satisfied worker is a good worker." Therefore, it is important that the person, either he is an engineer or a courier, he would feel comfortable with us, and other way round, and the company provides all the necessary conditions for creativity within the business process. Regarding as a paramount importance the philosophy of Talentocracy the operator has made a huge step towards ensuring the success of their clients. And hopes that it would contribute to the success of Aquila Capital Group.