Danieli Russia Engineering is a Russian representative of one of three world major equipment and mills suppliers for metallurgy.

Today Danieli is standing at the turn of 100-year jubilee, bringing back key points of its history. As usual, the large industrial holding originates in a family business — one of the first companies in Italy that started to use electricity in steelmaking. In 1955 Danieli grown over a family-shop level and concentrated on factory equipment design and production.

Since 1964 the company has been making statements out of state borders. Minimills suit properly plants in Germany, Spain, USA and Far East.Ten years later the company got the first turnkey order in Germany. At that period Danieli’s turnover amounted €25M. Thus, the production geography has been expanding, the team — developing and business processes — being optimized and automated. By 2011 the company’s net profit had reached €192M.

In spring 2012 two significant to us events happened. In March the company has announced its plans to build a plant in Nizhniy Novgorod. It is admitted to become a revolution step on Russian market. And in April Gars Telecom’s partnership with Danieli started.