Nonmetallic materials are the sediments, which are quarried in mines by opencast method. They include sand, soul, breakstone, building stone, lime rock, lam and other minerals.

Natsionalnaya Nerudnaya Kompaniya (“National nonmetallic company”) is one of the core companies at the nonmetallic market. The structure is formed by ten enterprises specializing in mining and processing of granite macadam, sand and gravel. The mines are located in Сentral, North-West and Ural regions. Productive capacity of the Group of companies exceeds 25 million tones.

Gars Telecom is very excited of collaboration with NNK: large charismatic client, its business nuances and specific, history and telecom infrastructure details, practice of telecommunication services use, optimization challenge... Interesting and non trivial is a thing for us.