Among the Exceptional clients from the logistic and express delivery sphere is a newcomer. Now we render services to “EMS Garantpost”.

Russian-French “EMS Garantpost” JV was founded in 1990 by “Leningrad post”, “International post office”, “Aeroflot” (15%), Air France in association with French post service Chrono Post (24%) and NOMOS Bank (1%).

Owing to the Express Mail Service (EMS) — express delivery service that is rendered in more than 190 countries, “EMS Garantpost” provides delivery to the any point of the Russian Federation, guaranteeing security control and safety during the delivery process. Optimum logistic infrastructure allows using different schemes to organize marshalling and transport nodes to deliver all over the world.

In “EMS Garantpost” are confident that clients’ interests and wishes serve the company development. With its appearance on the market express delivery industry has become not only the market service but communicative process with the person that is impossible today without Gars Telecom different solutions.