Affiliate company for LUKoil — LUKoil Racing Services Ltd. was founded in the racing sport world in 1997. For 12 years in the collection of LUKoil Racing Team is more than 60 highest Russian and European titles. For the whole the USSR and Russian history there has not ever been such racing team with the same achieved results. The most bright achievements are the silver medal in Germany Championship and Switzerland Championship in Formula Reno 2.0 classification.

LUKoil is out of a few companies of the gas&oil sector in Russia which has been able to realize such a successful project and even challenge the leaders of the local and foreign auto industry.

LUKoil Racing Team is not only the team of the racers but first of all the largest professional racing structure in Russia that includes qualified management, school and the carrier escorting, engineering complex where the development, constructing and prove-out and training for the racing autos competitions.

Perhaps, nobody has questions concerning the level of the speed and quality which are presented to the contractors. Only Gars Telecom is able to provide necessary level of the fail-safety and uncompromising speeds for LUKoil Racing Team. And now the collection of the racing team will be added one more perfect detail to introduce LUKoil Racing Team on the new level — Gars Telecom Service.