White Business Magazine has published “The rate of the largest warehouses developers”.

The special issue “The Business Leaders. Warehouses development” appearance came before this rating. Information got during the research allowed White Business creating the list of the developers involved in the warehouses estate in Russia, and using the proved methods, choosing the largest ones. So, the TOP10 of the warehouses developers was created.

As the base for the research the three aspects have been determined: regional expansion, the number of projects and the warehouses squares. For the rating were chosen the objects that were put into operation in 2007, in the building process and the objects that is planning to be put into operation till the end of 2008.

The TOP10 is the following: “Eurasia Logistics” (the total projects volume — 2’378’563 squire metres), “Espro” (455’350), “Quinn Group” (660’000), “PNK” (526’000), “Raven Russia” (648’382), “Multinational Logistics Partnership” (484’689), “Parkridge Holdings” (245’000), “EastField Logistic and RusPromDevelopment” (212’500), “HCMG” (208’800), “Megalogix” (348’606).

Gars Telecom congratulates the partners and Exceptional clients warehouses developers that are in the rating.