The federal telecom operator Gars Telecom has completed the construction of an extended segment of optics along the Kashirskoe Highway. The new optical link has a length of 12 km and goes beyond the Moscow Ring Road.

The project was implemented for the purpose of the cooperation with the group of companies “Rolf”, which entered the portfolio of clients of Gars Telecom in the summer of 2014.

The group of companies “Rolf” is a pioneer of Russian car market and is one of the largest car dealers in Russia, founded in 1991. The company’s portfolio includes 16 brands in 36 showrooms in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Under the contract, the company has carried out an extensive work on the consolidation of two offices of “Rolf”, located in areas of Altufievskoe and Kashirskoe Highways. The operator provides the car dealer with the advanced package of services with a dedicated channel, as well as Internet connection.

With the new built pathway the operator has also expanded its footprint in the Moscow region and realized the possibility of more low-cost and rapid connection of facilities located along the path of the cable or in its vicinity.