After 2008 events tenants of business centers pressed developers and owners, forcing to consider them and giving start for global market renewals. Telecom carriers’ monopoly servicing of real estate objects — previous decade locomotive — in instant became a load drawing the whole market to the bottom — from captive carriers to absolute leaders.

Estimating prospects properly, Gars Telecom had revised previously perfect strategy of behaving on premium segment and focused on all-level demands satisfaction. It resulted in tripled client base and more than doubled commercial area, where service had been provided.

Recent 2 years marked Gars Telecom’s new milestone and we decided to fix reaching manhood by rebranding. Formalizing a new strategy and formulating company’s positioning in the industry, Gars Telecom takes final chord by updating its identity.

But before we are totally reformed, we are eager to share with you interesting and curious facts of our biography. Everyday on a home page of still old web site at the moment, we will recall the archetypes of Gars Telecom charisma. Welcome!