In 2009 Gars Telecom’s business faced with cardinal transformations. "New time" required to change the strategy on the telecommunications market for the corporate clients. The key factor of the corporate communications market in the past year were mass clients’ moves, that started in the Q3 2008. At the same time Gars Telecom has made a decision to change the lead-up to the business development. The new strategy is oriented to the fast growth of a number of business centers, where service is provided. The instruments of a new policy were the renovated schedule of charges (“premium” quality for affordable prices), the personnel increase, last miles to the business centers organization. Totally in the past year we have increase a number of the business centers where our service is provided nerly twice – up to 187! And we plan to to follow the chosen rate, covering 85% of the total amount of the commercial properties in Moscow and 30% in Saint-Petersburg in the nearest 2-3 years. Join our success. Press-release