Even in XVIII century Barings Company maintained business relations with Russia by financing merchants’ trade. In XIX century Baring exercised functions of the main international bank for the Russian Empire government. And in 1994 one of the first stories of foreign private equity funds in our country began — Baring Vostok Capital Partners was founded.

The company specializes on financing of the medium-sized companies with the year production volume from $30 mln to $300 mln.

The work is based on a systematic increase of the company’s effectiveness, during which Baring helps to develop a system of the new indexes, search for qualified managers, increase business transparence, raise investment, adapt business-models to the changing market conditions, entry into the new markets, including the foreign ones. The fund’s purpose is to increase business value at least three times.

Baring Vostok Capital Partners funds have invested more than $1,3 billion in 54 projects. Among which 28% — into communications spheres, 28% — into oil and gas sector, 19% into industrial commodities, 14% into finance sector, 11% into consumer market segments. About two thousand presented projects were refused by investors.

Baring Vostok Capital Partners has approached to the communications carrier choice with the same scrupulosity. We are pleased that this task the company has devoted to Gars Telecom.