Several years ago Moscow mods took on board new strange footwear: neither slippers, nor rubbers, “crocs” began to appear in parks, at the beaches and simply on the streets.

Meanwhile, Crocs brand was created by yacht-lovers. This comfortable footwear doesn’t slide and doesn’t leave marks on a deck. At first it was presented in 2002 at the international boats exhibition “Fort Lauderdale Boat Show”.

Hardly had the company made a statement, it quickly came ashore. The company’s owners didn’t expect how popular their “child” would be out of the yacht deck. Soon Crocs entered European market, opened a warehouse terminal in Rotterdam and representative offices all over the world. Nowadays company has been developing its production making experiments on new markets. Along with classic sabot the shells are full with keds, shoes, boots, etc.

It is every likely hood that in telecommunications Crocs has followed its taste as well and chosen, perhaps, the most comfortable carrier — Gars Telecom.