ESAB Company — welding materials and equipment producer almost for the all spheres connected with the metals welding and cutting has become the exceptional Gars Telecom client completing the pool of such industry field companies as Wavin, REHAU, CECAB, Norgen, HADO and some others.

More than hundred years since the Company has been founded ESAB serves the worldwide market, and its annual revenue is over 10 BUSD. Representative offices and agents of ESAB work almost in the all countries. Developed retail chain serves in 80 world countries. 26 plants placed on the four continents produce the materials.

The ESAB Group owner is the British Charter plc Company. In 2007 year the total sales amount was equal 970,8 million pounds, and the total employees all over the world is over 7800 people.

Professionals from different spheres choose ESAB Company as the technologies and welding and cutting equipment vendor. ESAB philosophy is allied to Gars Telecom spirit — both companies due to technologies leadership, the most reliable equipment distributing and permanent technologies perfection support the highest level of clients’, employees’, shareholders’ and community requirements.