J’son & Partners Consulting company presented the results of the “MVNO in Russia and world: opportunities and limits” report.

By the end of 2008 in Russia the subscribers base of MVNO surpassed 330 thousand and was 0,2% the whole base of the mobile operators (187,6 million). By the 2008 year results among the leaders by the base volume criterion were such experimental MVNO operators as “Allo Incognito”, MATRIX and Corpolink. All of them, and Gars Telecom as well, BAZA and “Yo” have “telecommunication” origin, for example, the services of the intellectual connection under the “Allo Incognito” brand are rendered by “CountryCom” company. “Alternativa” project developed by “A1: the first alternative content-provider”, and the virtual operator — “Euroset” was created by the same-named mobile phones retailer.

In the 1Q 2009 there were launched two new projects: “A-mobile” and “Prosto” (Megafon). For the short period these projects have showed the rash growth of the subscribers’ base: “Prosto” — more than 100 thousand by the middle of May, “A-Mobile” by J’son & Partners Consulting estimation, connected more than 70 thousand subs.
In March, 2009 the MVNO business-model in Russia has got the legal support. In May, “National Mobile Phone” got the first license in Russia (by this means, this company should be positioned as the first Russian “legal” virtual operator).

By the analysts’ opinion, legalization of the MVNO business-model, undoubtedly, will be as the development impulse for this telecom-market segment. The other main drivers will be the 3G networks launch on the major par of Russian territory and the mobile content market development. The appearance of the content-oriented MVNO should expect in 2009-2020 years. Such companies will be oriented on the premium segments of the users, which will offer VADs. The possible candidates in this segment are content—providers and aggregators, and also media companies. By the J’son & Partners Consulting forecasts, up to the 2012 year the share of the MVNO subscribers’ in the consolidated subscribers’ base of the mobile operators will achieve 2,3%.