80% of the companies up to 2014 year overpass the costs on the wireless services on 15% on the average are sure Gartner analysts. They note that among the organizations the mobility has grown, therefore the costs has also grown that is why it is necessary for the companies to manage better the costs on the mobile and information.

“Our research has shown that companies’ majority manages the mobile subscribers or services in not so adequate manner, — tells Phil Redman, Gartner Researches Vice-president. — They need to learn attentively the key subscribers’ segments and requirements to compare the demands with the necessary services and optimize the costs”.

Redman noted that within the next year the companies should learn to manage the costs in the four basic spheres as following:


For the last several years the structure of the services consumption has been changed, and more than 60% of the large companies refuse to buy individual plans which are the less effective in costs cutting. However, new services, for example, tariff plans for groups, tariff plans under the fixed quotations or tariffs with free-of-charge minutes, — it is necessary to estimate all of them and be convinced, that they give the maximal value for all organization. In Gartner also advise the companies move from plans of an individual responsibility (where the user is responsible for payment and the contract) to corporate plans which allow supervising charges by optimization of wireless services and systems of corporate discounts better.

International roaming

On international roaming all becomes more complex to operate charges, as the companies expand borders of the international movement. To 2010 10 % of users which go in business trips abroad, will make 35 % from total of expenses for service among the companies which support during business trips. Though for reduction of charges there are no “magic” decisions, except for how to reduce number of workers which go in business trips to lower quantity of used minutes and to acquaint users with clauses of charges, the companies also can carry on negotiations with the supplier of services for reduction of charges on roaming and proceed to the appropriate tariff plans on mobile roaming. Gartner also advises the companies to offer to the employees to use smart phones for a spelling of electronic letters.

Management of mobile communication

Active management is very important for the organization of granting of services and the control above charges. On data Gartner, two basic areas on which it is necessary to concentrate at management, is a realization of the policy directed on prevention of use undesirable practices, promotion of some preferable methods and their observance in all company, and also use outsourcing services (so-called management of telecommunication charges) that provides the greater spectrum of services in management of mobility for the enterprises.

Portable mobile devices

Some companies have already started to integrate cellular telephones of workers in corporate system that can result in reduction of charges by reduction of quantity of calls or liquidation of stationary phones. These both moments concern to plans of convergence of the fixed and mobile communication. In this case, instead of in literal sense to be “adhered” to a place, users freely will conduct affairs in a mobile environment, and functionality of the company will be supported with the help of wireless devices.