Dmitry Aleksandrov, who had worked in the CDMA-450 standard mobile communication, decided to test his potential in fixed telephony. After “Skylink” and affiliated “RCT-Leasing” company, he came to Moscow carrier “Gars Telecom”. As Commercial Director of “Gars Telecom” CJSC, Dmitry Aleksandrov will lead regional expansion of this carrier. But it is just the way to achieve the main goal. Within three further years “Gars Telecom” intends to rise treble capitalization from 20 MUSD up to 60+ MUSD.

“Nowadays ‘Gars’ presented only in Moscow and its annual revenues of $15 billion, — told new Company Commercial Director. — It is utterly ambitious task to treble ‘Gars Telecom’ capitalization for three years.” At the same time Dmitry Aleksandrov noted that he was “well motivated” to solve this task.

Last half of the year Dmitry Aleksandrov was the head of Strategic development and Planning Department of “RTC-Leasing” JSC that is RTDC holding affiliated company which controls 50 per cent stocks of “Skylink” CJSC. When he appointed on this position in September of 2006 it was officially announced that on the new place Dmitry Aleksandrov would engage in the strategic management of the all “RTC-Leasing” telecommunication resources and primarily in “Skylink”. Before “RTC-Leasing” Mr. Aleksandrov had been working as the commercial deputy director in the federal carrier “Skylink” CJSC.

Strong managers’ involvement to “Gars Telecom” is not incidentally. Yet in the beginning of February, 2007 this company announced development strategy up to 2010. Among “Gars Telecom” declared purposes is occupation up to 20 per cent in the capital business centers telecommunication market, enter the million population cities market treble capitalization rise. “Aggressive increase of the office segment during nearest several years gives specialized telecom-company opportunities for business development. As long as Gars Telecom jointly with ComStar and Golden Telecom is in ‘The Big Three’ of commercial real estate telecom-companies, we have to use these opportunities maximum effectively that is reflected in the new strategy,” — noted P. Gorenkov, “Gars Telecom” CEO. As the next stage in 2010-2011, “Gars Telecom” owners are going to involve strategic investors or to hold an IPO.

According to Mr. P. Gorenkov, the whole return company plans to reinvest in the business extension: in personnel, infrastructure, and marketing. “Gars Telecom” total supposed investment volume during the further two years is 10 MUSD. Within several years “Gars Telecom” also plans to activate in the market of mergers connected the range of medium-sized corporate telecommunication market players. According to ComNews data, in the separate regions “Gars Telecom” is going to establish own infrastructure from scratch, particularly in April, 2007 company will open Saint-Petersburg branch. Dmitry Aleksandrov will be responsible for this project and for the others movements into the regions as well.

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Dmitry Aleksandrov was born on 31 January, 1975 in Pskov. In 1997 he finished Marketing specialization in Saint-Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. In 1997-1999 he worked in “PeterStar” company. Since 1999 he had been working in “Web Plus” Commercial Department and in 2001 placed the Commercial Director position. In 2002 he was invited to “Delta Telecom” Company on the same position and firstly was responsible for sales and later — for “Delta Telecom” CJSC marketing policy as Marketing Deputy Director. Since 2003 and up to the middle of 2006 he had been appointed as “Skylink” Commercial Deputy Director. Since September, 2006 up to March, 2007 he had been working as “RTC-Leasing” Strategic Development and Planning Department Director.