Gars Telecom is the only telecom carrier in the judging team of CRE Moscow Awards 2010. Traditionally, about 200 representatives of commercial real estate market, divided to committees according to the nominations, take part in choosing of the most admirable development projects within the award. Though the market is rather narrow, jury can hardly be called permanent. Gars Telecom seems to be one of the oldest and most stable judges. Since 2007 we have been comparing, estimating, criticizing and praising the most significant projects in the field of office, hotel, industrial, retail and multifunctional estates, staying with CRE Awards jury from year to year. The Award secretariat suggested a complex system of the nominees’ estimation, based both on qualitative parameters of the objects and on clients’ emotional perception. Looking on the market in our, "carrier", perspective, we always managed to appeal to both criteria. Focusing on telecommunication servicing of commercial real estate sector, Gars Telecom is familiar to particularities of all-kind objects, that enables us to judge with all fairness and equity. At the same time, while being a service company, we are able to "think by emotions" and feel talented projects on a hunch. This time we are acting as hotel sector experts. We promise to keep our ends up and to define the most worthy project. By now we wish victory to all the participants.