Gars Telecom that is working in Russia with corporate clients has entered the market with interesting solution — “Mobile office”. This creative development of the Fixed Mobile Convergence solution is for SMB and SOHO with the personnel from 2 up to 200 employees. Any company can get this service — to buy new SIM cards for personnel is enough. Upon our view, this system is convenient for the customers who have the dual mobile terminals: the first SIM card is for the corporate number and another is for the personal one.

Undoubtedly, this is not “the new generation of the corporate communications systems” as is written in the Company press-release. This is the only fixed number for the incoming and outgoing calls, united with the one or several mobile numbers within the bounds of the corporate network (the MVNO status allows Gars Telecom providing such service, host operator has been Megafon since 2003). Interesting moment — instead of the fixed telephones the GSM standard mobile terminals are used. Besides, intellectual management platform of the solution gives the users the range of the convenient services. For example, the wide range of the auto reply settings and the call forwarding according to the previously set algorithm can carry out the secretary function. Such a way, the company personnel does not tie to the exact place and fixed telephone and they available within the coverage zone. Finally, the corporate telephone number saves while moving to another office and also eliminating the problem of the fixed telephony systems unstable work. And the advertising budget won’t slip through a crack.

By Gars Telecom representatives opinion, connection of such service (it can be carried out within 48 hours) allows refusing the fixed telephony in favor of mobile one and this will give the decreasing the office communications costs up to 25-40%. To connect “Mobile office” it is not needed to built SCS so companies do not need investing in the inside office structures.
Earlier, the Company presented the market “3G office” — internet access via EV-DO with SkyLink. The solution provides access to the corporate network and internet via wireless channel with the highest speed of the third generation and the maximum security of the data transmission.