“Gars Telecom” Company announced activity results for the last year. So alternative fixed network operator revenues for the reference period was 249 million 941 thousand rubles, that was 35 per cent more than previous year results (184 million 631 thousand rubles in 2005).

Intellectually consuming services contains the biggest share of “Gars Telecom” revenues according to the 2006 year results. So 40,7 per cent (101 million 726 thousand rubles) company has earned on telecom-infrastructures outsourcing services, consulting and audition in the telecom sphere, and also on integration projects realization. The data transmission and internet access services rendering accounts 32,3 per cent (80 million 731 thousand rubles).

Finally, in revenues structure telecommunications services access accounts 27 per cent (67 million 484 thousand rubles). Notable that in 2005 this figure was 46,4 per cent and in 2004 — 52,8 per cent.