Gars Telecom consolidated revenues in 1H, 2008 is 258’315’480 rubles that 36,3% more than for the same period of the last year when the Company earned 189’563’964 rubles. The revenues growth allows forecasting the half of a billion by the 2008 year results.

IQ-based services traditionally the leading by the revenues. They are telecom-outsourcing, consulting and also integration However, this group share has been showing stable growth for the last 4 years: 23,6% — 1H, 2004, 28,4% in 2005, 32,3% in 1H 2006 and 39% or 73’929’946 rub, or — 1H 2007. By the 1H of 2008 this is 36,7%, or 94’801’781 rubles.
Revenues from data transmission and internet access services saved the double growth for the last year. So, in 1H 2007 they were 32,2 % of the consolidated Gars Telecom revenues or 61’039’596 rubles or the year before — 15,9%, or 18’554’346 rubles in 2006, but in 1H 2008 — 34,1%, or 88’095’5789 rubles.

The Company revenues from the traditional telephony and fixed mobile convergence services rendering as well saved the point of the previous year rate as 29,2% against 28,8% the year before. In money terms in 1H 2008 the Company obtained the 1Q more — 75’418’120 rubles against 54’594’422 rubles.

So, in money terms the Company development dynamics can be compared with the average market rates, as for the realized projects for the last year Gars Telecom got an opportunity to move forward. Thus, by the 1H 2007 the total served area was 1’277’500 square meters and about 1 million was on development stage, in a year the bank of the signed agreements have become the 96% growth that is over 2’505’000 square meters. Moreover, in development there are more than 3’046’000 square meters.

The 1 half brought the new statuses for Gars Telecom. Firstly, Gars Telecom saves the position in TOP20 of the largest Russian IT consultants (on the 18th position by the 2007 results released by CNews Analitycs within the bounds of the “IT —services market: consulting, integration, outsourcing 2007”). Secondly, by the 2007 year results Gars Telecom on the 3d position of the TOP10 among the “Leaders in telecom rendering field” released by Expert RA.
“By the statement of Ruslan Aliev, Gars Telecom Development Director, the Company continues the expansion in the own segments with the dynamics that was planned within the bounds of the strategy. Physiologically important rate of the half of a billion of revenues by the year results is definitely achievable and understandable border which can be overpassed by the Company”.