Gars Telecom enters the corporate market third generation wireless mobile access service. Solution architecture allows providing high rates of the data transmission security that conducts a new niche on the wireless broadband data transmission market.

“3G Office” is a new FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence) class product by Gars Telecom oriented on the corporate market. Solution allows personnel connecting to the company work corporate network and using a high-speed channel with the maximum security level for the Internet access.

Wireless part of the product is realized on the EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) which is the most progressive third generation wireless data transmission technology among available in Russia. This technology is able to provide 2,4 Mb/s connection speed that can be compared with access via fiber glass channel. In Russia EV-DO speeds are provided by CDMA network of Sky Link Company that has become a host carrier within the “3G Office” solution.

“Is CDMA network with EV-DO technology third generation network or not? It is philosophic question, — notes Alexandr Krupnov, Informcommunication Union President. — There are global standards that determine what 3G network is, but they still have not ratified in Russia. Thus this theme should be accounted in the frame of foremost services rendering which nobody has”.

“Product architecture allows providing not only broadband wireless access to the client’s corporate network but making this connection maximum secure as well, — tells Ruslan Aliev, Gars Telecom Development Director. — Combination of the mobility and security has allowed realizing product which by the speed criterion fits solutions of the third generation communications and furthermore enough protected to be in demand for corporate sector”.

Working upon the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) model, Gars Telecom has advance experience in products realization based on the fixed and mobile communications integration. Yet in 2003 company developed judicial model and was the first who run B2B solution in cooperation with MegaFon Company.

However, “GSM standard is out of date, regulator and ‘The Big Three’ carriers are not interested in MVNO development. And the number of the deterrents is very high that to develop solutions upon the GSM standard has become strategically ineffectively — reports Pavel Gorenkov, Gars Telecom CEO. — At the same time, satisfying demands of clients in data transmission speed and quality, we have come into conclusion that only third generation technologies will allow offering market an adequate solution. Fortunately, we came to mutual understanding with our partner company Sky Link. Owing to our cooperation solution ‘3G Office’ has become the logical addition to the telecommunication systems for the corporate sector”, the company said.