Gars Telecom managed to increase its revenue to 653.3 billion rubles (by 22,7%). The major growth was due to alternative services that rose up to 39% of operator’s annual revenue. Th company plans to increase its revenue to 1 milliard rubles in 2011.

Traditional services such as telephony and internet access brought the company 398.7 billion rubles in 2010, which is 16,5% more than in 2009. Intellectually capacious services such as telecom outsourcing, telecom consulting, audit and integration projects made significantly more in 2010 — up to 224.6 billion rubles (33,8% more than in 2009). The share of such services in Gars Telecom revenue structure increased to 39%. “The misbalance in revenue dynamics took place due to traditional telephone and internet access services revenue decrease. — the company representative explained — In comparison with the beginning of 2008 fixed telephony charge rates fell 27-30% down, and internet access rates — 33 — 42%.”

According to Development director Evgeny Oleynik, in 2010 the company enlarged its projects portfolio by 55%. Presently the company serves 258 commercial real estate objects with total area of 5,7 billion square kilometers.

Last year Gars Telecom obtained a status of national telecommunications operator and formed all-Russia expansion strategy. “We consciously avoid building our own network in regions but put an emphasis on telecommunications management for our large widely spread clients, — remarks the company managing director Pavel Gorenkov — in 2010 regional projects revenue exceeded 140 billion rubles.

“At the beginning of the last year we took a new development strategy the main goal of which is to enlarge our network in commercial real estate objects — remembered Gars Telecom Corporate telecommunication director Michael Sergeev in the talk with Com News representative. Pre-crisis ‘one operator in the object’ model now is becoming the past. For the next three years we see the opportunities of natural growth by attracting other providers’ clients. At the same time corporate clients tend to increase traffic consumption, and our task is to develop infrastructure correspondingly to clients’ needs.”

“I look at the fact that the company grew more than 20% positively in the context of 12% growth that telecom market showed last year, — notes information and analysis agency Telecom Daily director Denis Kuskov. — Gars Telecom traditionally works with premium class real estate objects; the share of this segment in the company revenue structure is significantly bigger than in other companies’ revenues. Intellect-based services development has great perspectives but it is extremely hard to achieve big revenue growth with this segment solely. Gars Telecom competitors — Comstar, Peterstar and Beeline — have higher ARPU.”

Vympelcom also working on commercial real estate market served 8.45 billion square kilometers of premium class office buildings in Moscow and the region by the beginning of IV quarter of 2010. "Now the share of the buildings served by Beeline Business makes 75% of all high-class objects at the market, — said the company press-secretary Anna Aibasheva. — The total of Beeline objects is around 3.5 thousand of buildings in Moscow and regions 30% of which are A class.