Total Gars Telecom revenues by the 2008 year results were 528178 thousand rubles with VAT is not included and showed growth on 28,2 % to the same period of the last year.

Data transmission services and internet access have brought the Company 207’046 thousand rubles or 39,2% of the total revenue. Telephony — 139’967 thousand rubles (+38%). Smart capacity services have brought 181’165 thousand rubles (+14,4%), and the share of the last ones in the revenue structure decreased from 38,3% in 2007 year up to 34,3%.

The companies’ group revenue structure has suffered changes: the smart capacity services block that has used to be the locomotive of the Gars Telecom development for the last four years (telecom-services outsourcing, telecom-consulting, communications audition, and the integration projects as well) has given the place to the revenues from data transmission services and internet access. The revenues from the fixed telephony services rendering also have grown.

By the words of Pavel Gorenkov, “new times” run the new growth drivers which for the further two years will have been saving the Gars Telecom development dynamics.