Gars Telecom Company has announced the mobile solution that allows refusing the fixed telephony and decrease costs on the office telecommunications. “Mobile office” is the next generation of the corporate communications networks for SMB and SOHO with the personnel from 2 up to 200 employees. Within the bounds of the solution Gars Telecom appears as MVNO (host operator — Megafon), and the creator of the intellectual platform of the solution.

On the one hand, “Mobile office” is the only city number for incoming and outgoing calls that united with the one or more mobile numbers within the bounds of th one corporate network. On the other, the function of the fixed office telephones passes to the GSM standard mobile phones.

The intellectual platform of the solution also has the number of privileges for the business. Firstly, the wide range of the auto reply settings and the call forwarding according to the previously set algorithm can carry out the secretary function. Secondly, the company personnel does not tie to the exact place and fixed telephone and they available always and everywhere including the after work time. Finally, the corporate telephone number saves while moving to another office and also eliminating the problem of the fixed telephony systems unstable work. . And the advertising budget won’t slip through a crack.

“If the offers for the corporate clients from the ‘Mobile Big Three’ are not behind the limits of jugglery with the tariffs Gars Telecom realizes principally the other approach the role of the mobile phone should play. — tells Pavel Gorenkov, Gars Telecom CEO. — the unicity of the solution is that instead of the fixed telephones the GSM standard mobile terminals are used. The intellectual core of the solution adds the standard functions of the fixed telephone to the mobile one. Among them is the ability to forward the calls on the other mobile phones inside the company using the extensions”.

Until today such ability has not been available for the mobile subscribers. Mobile telephones carries out its functionality and the fixed do the same, and the companies have to maintain the both. According the Michael Sergeev, Gars Telecom Marketing Director, consumer appeals of “Mobile office” break the stereotypes because the whole range of the services can be available via mobile and it is possible to refuse the fixed one. This allows decreasing the office communications costs up to 25-40%.

“Mobile office” solution can be realized within the 48 hours. It is not necessary to lay the cables — the solution can work without SCS that gives an opportunity not invest in the network constructing inside the office. As a result, the costs on the telecommunications decrease.

“Mobile office” is not the first specialized Gars Telecom mobile solution for the corporate market. So, in 2007, the Company entered the market “3G office” — wireless secures access to the corporate network with the most high speed of the third generation up to 2,4 Mbtps.