Gars Telecom Board of Directors accepted company development strategy up to 2010 year. Company will develop aggressively in its segments to occupy up to 20 per cent in the capital business centers telecommunication market.

Moreover, “Gars Telecom” plans to begin work in cities with million population rising company capitalization.

“Within the bounds of the new strategy significant growth of investments and gain is planned for nearest three years that helps company to occupy not less than 20 per cent in the capital business centers telecommunication market and to increase company capitalization up to 60+ MUSD,” — announced in company statement.

Such a strategy will create a base for further effective company development, investors engaging as well in 2010-2011 years.

The new investment policy that expects gain reinvestment for business extension will assist to realize this strategy. Investment total amount is supposed to be 10 MUSD during nearest years.

Within several years Gars Telecom also plans to activate in the market of mergers connected the range of medium-sized corporate telecommunication market players.

In addition, company is going to enter the regional markets. “In the cities with million populations commercial real estate market begins to found. And well-timed market enter is very important,” — supposes P. Gorenkov.

“Gars Telecom” company profile: telecommunications management, integration projects realization and telecommunication services rendering. Among important corporate customers are TNK-BP, RussNeft, Alliance Oil Company, Ehrmann, Russian Textile, JVC, GoodYear, Ideal Standard, Kalinka-Stockmann, MosFilm, TeliaSonera, Interros, IG “Eurasia”, Bobcat, FIAT, Schneider Electric, Eksmo and more others.(o).