The position of Chief Officer for Economic and Finances has been opened in Gars Telecom on which Yula Podnos has been inducted.

Before Gars Telecom Yula Podnos worked on the same position at CG “Alliance Continental”. Earlier she had placed the managing positions in the financial corporations as “UralSib” and “NIKoil”, and had been the Deputy Chairman of the Board in “IBG-NIKoil”.

“The new position in Gars Telecom had been planned the year before as the evolutional step forward to reinforce the team of the specialists with the corporate finances expertise, — tells Pavel Gorenkov, Gars Telecom CEO. — Despite the high assessment of the Company activity, and the Financial Department in particular, which Gars Telecom got by Ernst&Young due diligence, we has been activated in the M&A sphere, and we also plan to enter the corporate borrowing market that also demands the Financial Department reinforce.

We began looking for the Chief Officer for Economic and Finances in October, 2008. “In the 4Q 2008 there were so many financial specialists but they did not suit to. In February we met with Yula, and in March arranged about the cooperation. Firstly we planned her to induct the position in March but our hunt delayed”, — tells Michael Sergeev, Gars Telecom Corporate communications Director.

The main point for Yula Podnos will be the work on the bond market, because Gars Telecom is planning acquisitions and expecting partly replace bank borrows by bond ones. “We activated on M&A market, and we have in plan to enter the market of the corporate borrowings that demands the finance block reinforcement”, — explains Pavel Gorenkov.