Moscow, 26th August. PRIME-TASS/. Revenue of Gars Telecom, LLC in 1H, 2008 grew on 36,3 % up to 258,3 million rubles comparing with 189,5 million rubles in 1H, 2007. That was announced by the Company press-center.

The share of the telecommunication services, telecom-consulting and audition of the telecommunication services, and the integration projects as well by the 1H, 2008 was 36,7%, or 94,8 million rubles.

Revenues from data transmission and internet access services saved the double growth for the last year. So, in 1H 2007 they were 32,2 % of the consolidated Gars Telecom revenues or 61 million rubles or the year before — 15,9%, or 18’554’346 rubles in 2006, but in 1H 2008 — 34,1%, or 88 million rubles. The Company revenues from the traditional telephony and fixed mobile convergence services rendering as well saved the point of the previous year rate as 29,2% against 28,8% the year before. In money terms in 1H 2008 the Company obtained the 1Q more — 75,4 million rubles against 54,5 milion rubles.