The total revenue of group of companies Gars Telecom in the first half of 2014 amounted to 633 125 thousand rubles, which is 17.9% more than in the same period last year (536 633 thousand rubles). The growth of commercial space of 443 000 square meters expanded the total company’s portfolio of objects up to 8.5 million sq. m. Among the newly-connected buildings — 4 are the “A”-class business-centers, 15 are “B”-class and 1 is a “C”-class.

The distribution of proceeds has shifted to the Internet connections that logically reflects the modern management model of communication. The income from the provision of data transmission and Internet access works out 48% of revenue (303 900 thousand rubles comparing to 246 851 thousand rubles in 2013), while the one from the telephony services works out 34% (215 262 thousand rubles comparing to 209 287 thousand rubles in 2013). However, it is worth noting a significant increase in revenue from the provision of VOIP — 6 times more than the previous year (9.5% — share in 2014 compared with 1.5% in 2013).

The intellectually intensive services — consulting, outsourcing, management of IT budget — take 18% of total revenues in the first half of this year and it brought the company 41% more revenue than in the same period in 2013 (113 962 thousand rubles in 2014 and 80 495 thousand rubles in 2013).

According to the CEO of the company Pavel Gorenkov, a key event in 2013 that influenced on the work of the current year was the launch of the system adjustment of the mechanisms and processes of doing business as a whole. As a result, there started up a major project on modernization and protection of network, launched some new products, were signed some strategic partnership agreements of cooperation. And the most illustrative indicator of the effectiveness of the adopted strategy is a stable growth of revenues according to the set up plan.

On the results of the work in 2013 the group of companies Gars Telecom re-entered the top 10 companies leaders in the provision of telecommunications services in terms of total revenue and sales volume in 2013, securing its position similar to the previous year on the 5th place and received the assessment “maximum level of confidence” from the rating agency “Expert RA”.