Though the world IT-outsourcing market keeps recessing, the rate of recession is sufficiently low. In Russia IT-outsourcing market is still unripe. At the same time, against the strong falling of the Russian IT-market in general, the sector of outsourcing is growing, and, according to some experts, it has good prospects for a full-scale development under certain conditions. Roundtable “The present and the future of IT-outsourcing in Russia”, organized by CNews Analytics and CNews Conferences, concerned problems and prospects of Russian IT-outsourcing market. Success of IT-outsourcing market formation and development in every national economics is defined not only by the presence of qualified IT-specialists and technological aspect like specialized software and the newest technologies, but by such an aggregated (and according to many experts – abstract) concept as business culture, which reaching certain development level determines the high level of confidence among all business participants. Therefore, within this certain field it leads to a possibility of service-oriented economics foundation. Due to this fact the scope of problems and aims of western and national IT-outsourcing differ sufficiently.
Russian IT-outsourcing market
According to the researches undertaken by CNews Analytics, in 2009 IT-outsourcing was one of the most popular issues. High interest was definitely caused by general crisis situation in the economics and the desire of Russian companies continue their business optimization regarding expenses decrease, IT-infrastructure costs reduction in particular. Moreover, Russian business supposes, the point at issue is direct IT-costs decrease, and probably it is the main mistake: IT-outsourcing is an effective optimization mean, but it is not intended to direct costs reduction. Its real destiny is business optimization by IT-infrastructure impact and IT-maintenance costs transparency increase and their controllability. As a result – company’s resources release for core business activity and its effectiveness growth. CNews Analytics 2010-poll showed, that IT-outsourcing market suffers growth disease, concerning particularly low standardization level in this sphere. Critically negative factors are difficulties with exact estimation as well, how much real infrastructure IT-maintenance by own means (insourcing) costs and, how much money will be saved by transferring to outsourcing. Herewith, the market is avoiding the necessity to make a choice between outsourcing and insourcing and comes to a rational combination of own efforts and providers’ services.