Russian IT market seems to have suffered the mist dramatic year in its life. Falling was deep, it is over but market crisis hasn’t ended yet. Pre-crisis volumes are expected at least in 2010. "Dengi" magazine presents the 8h rating of Russian IT-companies, prepared on the basis of 2009 results.
Main losses IT-market beared in the beginning of the year. “At that time the customers felt an absolute disaster, - Sergey Matsotsky, Director General, IBS, remembers. – In most of companies all IT-costs were nearly almost cut. Crudely speaking, companies were purchasing only paper and clips. For any other purposes money was not allocated at all. Certainly, IT-companies were doing marketing, but only in order to stay in the first flight when the customers’ it-budgets appear. By summer free fall seemingly have stopped. But potential consumers of IT-products and services became more accurate in money allocation, more scrupulous on prices, very particular about time. Most of projects, initiated in 2009, were not expensive, quick, oriented to prompt result.