In the end of March Dmitry Aleksandrov the one out of top-managers who run the first CDMA450 standard network (“Skylink” project) decided to leave mobile business for an appointment in medium-sized but ambitious “Gars telecom” Company working in the business-telephony Moscow market. As “Gars Telecom” Commercial Director Mr. Aleksandrov plans to treble carrier capitalization in three years from 20 MUSD up to 60 MUSD. Curiously but it is not the first case when outstanding manager leaves large-size federal mobile project.

De facto Mr. Aleksandrov has been working on the “Skylink” project for the last 5 years. In 2002 top-manager together with the managers team that was created by the head of “Delta telecom” CJSC Victor Ustyuzhanin, run the first in Saint-Petersburg CDMA450 standard network. In 2003 Mr. Aleksandrov was appointed as “Delta telecom” marketing deputy director, and from 2005 till the June 2006 he had been working as the commercial deputy director in the federal carrier “SkyLink”. In 2006 top manager left company with a view to work in “RTC-Leasing”, as the head of strategic development and planning department. On this position Mr. Aleksandrov continued to work on “SkyLink” project participating in strategy development for the carrier upon further years. We should remind that “RTC-Leasing” is like “SkyLink” partly owned by Danish lawyer Jeffrey Galmond structures. “Dmitry Aleksandrov was among those who entered new brand on the mobile communication market. It was hard period in provider activity because there were presented for clients basically new high speed mobile data transmission services. Results evaluation can be different; nevertheless, Aleksandrov’s records in ‘Skylink’ establishing are doubtless”, — reported Victor Ustyuzhanin, “Skylink” board of directors’ member.

Top-manager decided to leave mobile business and try himself in business telephony segment. Mr. Aleksandrov left “RTC-Leasing” and became “Gars Telecom” LLC. “I tender thanks to everybody who has been working with me upon ‘Skylink’ project for the last five years and to Victor Ustyuzhanin especially. ‘Gars telecom’ shareholders made a very interesting proposition that concerns the challenge level that is set before Company and finances as well. I was always interested in ambitious projects, furthermore, I have experience in fixed telephony sphere because I began my career in ‘Peterstar’, — tells us Mr. Aleksandrov. According to his words, ‘Gars Telecom’ shareholders set a challenge to treble company capitalization from 20 MUSD up to 60 MUSD within the three years.

We should remind that in this year March beginning ‘Gars telecom’ announced development strategy on three years. Company is going to reinvest gain to extent business and activate in the market of mergers acquiring the range of medium-sized market players in business-telephony segment. Besides, carrier plans to begin regional market expansion. Particularly in April ‘Gars telecom’ opens its branch in Saint-Petersburg. Probably that it will be easer for company to build its business in the second by volume country market obtaining top-manager in the administration who is in details acquainted with market features. Remind that Mr. Aleksandrov had been working for several years in local companies such as ‘Peterstar’ and ‘Web plus’ since 1997 up to 2001”.

Curiously that it is not for the first case when outstanding manager leaves big-size mobile project. For instance, Nikolai Demenchuk, ex Commercial Director of the “Megafon” North-West branch, who had been working on company for 10 years decided to leave it last year. Nowadays he is Commercial Deputy Director of medium-size carrier “Start telecom” that has 300 million rubles annual returns. However company nurtures at least ambitious plan as "Gars telecom“.[...] Other extraordinary manager Igor Zarudnev who had been working as Deputy Director of “Vimpelcom” JSC North-West branch since 2003 up to 2004 and as Head of mention branch since 2004 up to 2006, entirely decided to leave telecom-business.[...] Nowadays he works upon running big-size project in real estate sphere. And he does not prefer to clear up details.

Analytics considers that experienced manager drain from federal scope structures to the medium-size companies is a natural phenomenon. “It is not surprising. Staff turnover in telecommunication business is normal fact. Provider company top-managers frequently move to another business and vice versa”, — tells Elena Sayapina, ACM-Consulting analyst. “Moving to medium-size companies qualified managers do not drop earnings and additionally obtain an opportunity to realize ambitions and talents that is not easy to do in big and massive business structures. Furthermore, medium-size companies oftentimes have excellent growth potential and owners offer top-managers stock option plan”, — notes Yuri Bruykvin, “Rustelecom” analytic agency CEO.

Translated with cuts.