Telecom-carrier “Gars Telecom” announced entering the corporate market with the video communications service that is the new generation telecommunication service uniting the best from telephony and videoconferencing. This service allows talking and seeing the one, two or more users at the same time. According to carrier, service in fact changes over videoconferencing from special events that take up a lot of time to the standard business function such as teleconferences or telephone call.

“Telephony and videoconferencing as two different technological products successfully and for a long time have been presented among telecom-companies services for corporate clients. However, logical uniting in one device features of telephone and video camera has not committed revolution in business communications, — stated Ruslan Aliev, Gars Telecom Development Director. — At the same time it is hard do not take into consideration those opportunities that video communications have and those profits that it brings to company economy”.

To implement such service additional equipment is not required except videophone with the big LCD. Service can be used successfully on the working place where PC is not prescribed and in offices with minimal access rate.

“Videophony advantages we perceived at testing period, — tells Marat Babayan, Exmo Business Administration Director. — Firstly we should talk about working time-saving when concept ‘meeting’ undergoes transformation because it is not necessary to waste time for trip to the company office where it is allocated. And every day meetings it is possible to carry out right from own working place”.